【Guide for using our facilities】

✽ Please act responsibly at our facilities.
  We will assume no responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained at our facilities. Both guardians and children should be careful about safety and please remember to keep an eye on your children at all times.
✽ Our facility is not a day care center.
  Please take your child with you when you leave the play room even when it is only for a short time, such as going to use the restroom or for nursing.
✽ Do not bring toys, snacks, or juice to our facilities.
✽ Please take any garbage and/or used diapers with you.
✽ Please make sure your child is well before using the facilities. If your child is sick, they cannot use our facilities.
✽ Please refrain from using our facilities as a meeting place for club and other unrelated group activities.
✽ Please keep your valuables to yourself.
✽ Smoking is prohibited here.
✽ Please refrain from using your mobile phone (call and text) here.